devonselizabeth asked: oh my god I've just found you're blog and I've been going through your fic tag. I'm legit sobbing right now, it's all your fault. Your fic is /so good/ and /so sad/ and oh my god your ask title thing. I didn't notice it before. Anyways, yeah. Your fic is amazing and your blog is great but I'm sobbing and its ALL YOUR FAULT. :P xo

i havent gotten on in months omg sorry!!! but ahhh thanks so much :)


when do we get kurt and blaine in the loft?? help


hrhchriscolfer: Thank you so much for your PCA votes!!! As promised, here is a video of me victory dancing with my cat!

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stiles is fucking done

fearlessly & forever


Sterek AU (as requested by theweepingsorcerer):

After a nearly fatal car accident puts Stiles in a coma, Derek rushes home and finds himself practically living at the Beacon Hills hospital. He tells the pack it’s because he’s worried a coma mixed with the darkness already consuming Stiles’s mind is a bad combination, and that Stiles should be monitored 24/7, but he knows it’s mostly because there’s no other way to dull the almost paralyzing pain of being on the brink of losing him. But the thing is, Stiles’s brain didn’t get the memo. The demon Void is controlling his subconscious, making him dream that the car accident never happened, and that he’s always been alone. No Scott, no Papa Stilinski, no Lydia, no Allison, and no Derek. So why does he keep hearing voices telling him to wake up? Why does he feel so empty? Why does he feel like he’s losing his mind?

I just wanted to thank Dakota for the rad AU idea because I’d never be able to come up with this on my own.


*holding clipboard* hm…. *kisses you cheek* interestning… *writes down results on clipboard but the results are a drawing of us holding hands*

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